Perspective company that deals with the following activities:


personal services


construction industry

Perspective company that deals with the following activities:


personal services


construction industry


Splitting of the material and preparation of semi-finished product on NC cutting machines(up to Ø 300 mm) and burning machines (up to 400 mm thickness)

Complete precise locksmith production (serial and custom production), including work at heights

Production of blow-out (aluminum, stainless steel)


Supplies of metallurgical material, especially tool steel - blocks, sheets, rail material

Supplies of blow-out (aluminum, stainless steel) according to the documentation provided

Production and delivery of cutting tools for toolmaking

Supplies of welding and connecting material

Human resources

Lending of specialized employees of mechanical engineering professions in automotive industry

toolmaker - especially for the production of structures and the development of progressive tools and molds

welder - for modification of surfaces and trailing edges

locksmith - for prototyping


A complete construction activity in civil engineering and water management.


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We emphasize an individual approach to each customer.


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When you need to solve a lack of workforce, to improve the effectiveness of processes and to save time and money in operating the basic functions, we offer you a solution in the form of lending the workforce, and that for medium or long term projects too.

The workforce is provided as personnel leasing (leasing of workers). This service allows you to quickly gain employees for your projects.

We specialize on lending of highly qualified workforce in the following fields:

Toolmaker for manual introduction of pressing tools and molds

Welders of dies and molds


Crane Workers

Driver and forklift driver

Personnel leasing = The employee for specific task

Advantages of personnel leasing

the suitability of the use of the workforce

provide the required number of workers in a short time

the possibility of lending the workforce while the number of core employees and budget are limited

increase the number of employees for the realization of your new projects

the opportunity for win more specialists to solve a specific problem

transparency of the cost calculation

cost savings per employee up to 1/4

At the same time, we provide the employee who oversees the organizational aspects of our cooperation.

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