Perspective company that deals with the following activities:


personal services


construction industry

Perspective company that deals with the following activities:


personal services


construction industry


Splitting of the material and preparation of semi-finished product on NC cutting machines(up to Ø 300 mm) and burning machines (up to 400 mm thickness)

Complete precise locksmith production (serial and custom production), including work at heights

Production of blow-out (aluminum, stainless steel)


Supplies of metallurgical material, especially tool steel - blocks, sheets, rail material

Supplies of blow-out (aluminum, stainless steel) according to the documentation provided

Production and delivery of cutting tools for toolmaking

Supplies of welding and connecting material

Human resources

Lending of specialized employees of mechanical engineering professions in automotive industry

toolmaker - especially for the production of structures and the development of progressive tools and molds

welder - for modification of surfaces and trailing edges

locksmith - for prototyping


A complete construction activity in civil engineering and water management.


Obstacles lead us to the goal...

We emphasize an individual approach to each customer.


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Our goal is to build a stable and prosperous society, mainly through tradition and long-term prosperity.

We offer our clients complex services, flexibility and professional approach. A team of tested and experienced employees with industry-relevant knowledge is ready to meet customer requirements based on years of practice, professional skills and constant improvement of customer service to achieve excellent results and customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to be a reliable and stable partner and supplier in all business areas for our customers.


We know that in order to achieve our goal, we must also build and maintain a portfolio of reliable and like-minded business partners and suppliers. In this context, we strive for the friendliest and smoothest relationships with all partners.

If you are interested in working with our company, we will welcome your e-mail or call!


2009 - establishing of Evropská stavební MB a. s., which deals mainly with building activities and supplies of metallurgical material

2012 - ISO systems 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 introduced

2014 - receiving of the permit for employment services from the employment office

2015 - change of the name to Evropská strojírenská a stavební MB a. s., which is connected with the shift of the main activity to metallurgical supplies, providing of toolmaking and welding works for the companies active in automobile industry

  • - successful renewal of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification until 2018
  • - zeceived the AA certificate - High credibility from the company Bisnode